Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Debbie Misses Her Flight, but the Cleaning Must Go On!

I hate doing laundry so much, it kills me a little bit every time I do it.

I'm trying to get my house cleaned up for Debbie's arrival, but she just called and told me she missed her flight. Now I have no motivation to do the two months worth of laundry all over my house. I managed to kick the heap of clothes into a pile in front of my bathroom, but now I'm just dancing around it and jumping over it every time I go to the bathroom.

I am 28 years old, I wonder if there will ever come a time in my life where my house starts to look like grown up house with no dirty clothes laying around.

Eeeewwwww old period underwear in the hamper! Fuck me, I hate myself.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

ready to go!

I am leaving tomorrow for Los Angeles!!!!
Thanks Josh & Josh for the bike fix lessons today!

Going away party at the BBar:
I'm going to miss you guys!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

KKC's first announcement.

Hi Everyone,

I hope you're all doing well. California's been nice, but lately I've been getting the travel itch again.
This summer my good friend Debbie and I will be biking across the country from San Francisco to New York City.
We are going to be visiting communities across the nation that support sustainable-living. We are also using this as an opportunity to raise money for the World Wildlife Fund. If you're feeling charitable, or just have too much money in the bank account, we are asking for donations for our cause.

If you donate to us on behalf of a company or organization we promise to promote and advertise for you everywhere we go (as long as your company doesn't support killing animals and trees). We accept donations in all forms (your time, your knowledge, your suggestions, a place to sleep, your shower, food, equipment, - go ahead and be creative in your donations).

Please check out our website!!!
I promise to keep you all updated on our trip and entertain you with our blogs.
Debbie and I also hope to put out an album and a documentary at the end of our trip, so your contributions will not only be for a good cause to save the world, but also going towards the arts.

I love you guys lots, and will be thinking about you and your air conditioned homes and warm showers this summer, as we head out into the wild.

Come visit me and my man legs in the fall in NYC!

Love you long time,
Karin K. Chao

Letter to Debbie

Dear Debbie,

I can't wait until you're here in LA. Send my kisses and love to the New York kids at your going away party.


Monday, April 21, 2008


I went to visit Josh at the Bronx ZOO. He works for the Wildlife Conservation Society...