Saturday, May 31, 2008

Our Sticker!

thanks Pizza Party for making the drawing for our new sticker:

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Shout Outs

I just wanna give a shout out to my girls Krazyface, Rae Rae, Shygirl, and Baby G. I also want to tell my boo and baby daddy I love you and will always be here for you, even though you stole my car.

I fucking love radio shout outs.

So here's our shout out to some amazing people who've helped us out a ton in the last couple of weeks:

Juanh Ramirez - the website looks fantastic!!!! Really couldn't have done it without you.
Jack & Charlie Hsu - Thanks for the tent, flashlights, water filter, first aid stuff, bike lights, video camera, cooking supplies, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, GPS system, fast drying towels, battery pack, offering to be our onsite coordinator, offering to drive us to SF, offering to mail us plane tickets if we get stuck somewhere.... we love you!
Maren Jimenez - The bike shorts and socks rock! Our asses never looked and felt so good.
Dude from Crazy Guy on a Bike - Thanks for the free rack, we don't even know you, and you mailed us a free rack.
Sarah Tyler - For offering to throw us a fundraiser party on the East Coast
Jeremy Parker & Autumn Costner - for coming all the way out to LA bearing gifts of chocolate and trees
Eddy Chao - For understanding why I am doing this and being our major donor/supporter.

Thanks to all the friends and family who donated money to GGW or the World Wildlife Fund. Our banks accounts may be running low, but we have never felt so abundant in life, love and support.

We are grateful and humbled by all the gifts we've received from everyone.


Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Spread the Word!!!!!

We need to get it together and do some major guerilla PR. We've been getting a steady support from our friends and family (which we are extremely grateful and thankful for), but it's time now to spread the message to the masses. What better way to get some publicity than a photo shoot? I know it's kind of cheese that we put on our gear and basically modeled in them today, but I promise we are not posers. We are real bikers! These are just some photos to get a little exposure in the media.

Getting in tuned with bikes, nature, and each other.

Thanks a lot Miss Photo Editor Attias, put in a bunch of dumb pictures of me, but where are the dumb pictures of you?

We're developing this new style of yoga called Bikga. It's about union of the mind, body, and bike. These are just our warm up moves for the beginners out there. Debbie and I can actually do some pretty crazy shit. Yesterday we mastered Sirsasana on our handlebars.

"It's my African Safari Reggaton look, " as Jeremy would say.

Padded shorts rock! My butt looks almost as yummy as Daphne's butt.
I'm going to wear these under my jeans from now on.
Deb's practicing her look for the finish line when we get to Coney Island.

Delirious from exhaustion - after a badass 80 mile bike day.

Ok, so today's homework is to go out and tell 5 new people about our trip, and send them to In the next couple of weeks, we will be putting up our 80's training montage video (thanks for the kickass idea Deebs). Stay tuned my friends.

Jotomn and Airemy come to visit!

The Party is here!

Shaudina & Shaudinakah....

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Camping Practice

Rawn & I went camping to Joshua Tree for his Birthday. Thank goodness I remembered everything from the Campfire Girls manual.... Wohelo!
Champers, campfires, & shooting stars = magic

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Beach Bicycle Bunnies

Training Starts Now! 

After our 20 mile sunset beach ride, we met up with Christiaan who just rescued a litter of baby bunnies!! Christiaan's a great mommy.  He even has a blog for his babies.... (I stole three of these pics from there!)
willow mouse is the runt...

A night at the Photo Booth

Monday, May 12, 2008

I love LA!

Dearest Friends,
Greetings from sunny Los Angeles! so far so good. Karin's place is lovely.  There's a private balcony that looks out into the tops of the trees so that you're at the same level as the birds while you're having breakfast. It's been perfect, but we still have so much to do for the bike trip! I need to completely re-route our map because I didn't realize that our current route was almost 6,000 miles.. (doh.) 
But on the happy foot: I GOT MY BICYCLE!!! His name is Speedy Gonzalez.. (named after my favorite Charo song). The bike stores were trying to tell us it was going to take three months to get our bikes special ordered, but then I found Speedy on ebay, coincidentally, from a guy who lives 20mins. away from Karin AND happens to be the same height as me AND it's hardly been used! YAY! 
(Thanks, Jack)

 Besides that, I've been getting to go to yoga and the fancy spa for free,
(thanks to Karin) which is all right next to the beach...just a little life of luxury... don't get too jealous, though.. we'll be roughing it soon enough!

On top of all this, I've been hanging out with a dreamboat who can DO THE MOVE! yes. even the dirty dancing one...
(Thanks, Rawn)

and 3 more great things:
My Aunt Nancy just moved to LA, Dawn's new baby, and Karin in the strawberry outfit.
and now, for your own viewing pleasure, some crazy pictures of Karin and me:

okay. that's it.  I miss everybody and send lots of love! Oh, and we still need tons of bicycle and camping gear, so if anyone has anything laying around that they are not using, let us know.