Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Elevation:HIGH !!!!!!

Day 43: 58 Miles Crested Butte to Sargeants, Co.

We did a easy ride from Crested Butte to Sargents that day and arrived early afternoon. We checked into a tipi at the campgrounds because none of us have ever slept in one before, and there was a firepit to roast marshmallows in the tipi.

Our raindance worked and brought in the clouds.

The interior of the tipi was nothing luxurious, but it was cozy enough for the 4 of us.

Day 44: 65 miles Sargeants to Cotopaxi, Co.

Today we climbed up a steep 10 mile mountain pass that reached 11,312 feet. I was so surprised at how well we all did. The hills are no longer daunting, and climbing on my bike has become sort of meditative for me. I can't believe I am even saying this, but now that we are entering the flatlands I'm going to miss the hills. Monarch Pass is the highest elevation point on our entire trip. Congrats everyone! We did it!

Where there is an uphill, there is a downhill. This was the best downhill run ever. I think we clocked in at close to 50 mph racing down. It's the most exhilarating feeling ever!

Stopped in Salida. We met "The Princess Tour" in the bike shop. A group of lady cyclists raising money for literacy.

Todd... We are so glad we met you!
On our way to Sargents, Debbie met Todd biking on the highway. He offered to drive our heavy saddlebags to Salida on the other side of Monarch Pass. The climb was so nice without the extra weight. Todd invited us to hang out at his house when we got to Salida. We got to meet his cat, Jasper. He's a goldsmith and showed us all his designs and even cleaned Debbie and Ceci's jewelry. Check out his website:

Todd was so funny. We were talking about going to high school reunions and how there's always this pressure of having some kind of professional career to brag about. His response to people when they ask him what he does is, "I dick around." Really he's a super talented jewelry designer, and he also makes cool bugs and lights.

We waited out the afternoon storm at Todd's house. When the rain cleared up we got on our way again. The sky after the rain was beautiful.

Fresh Marmalade!

Day 45: 73 Miles Cotopaxi to Pueblo, Co. Aunt Irene's House!!!

Stopped for lunch in Canon City

Wish we could have gone in and gotten some hoochie mamma mountain fashion. Teva's with no socks, a sports bra, and really sexy walking stick.

Healthy picnic in the park in Canon City.
Ceci and her bountiful produce.

We managed to bike just ahead of the storm that was following us.

Aunt Irene!!!!! Zachary from REI in Santa Monica hooked us up with his Aunt Irene. (Thanks, Zachary!!) She offered us a comfy house to stay in for the night in Pueblo. She had everything a tired biker would want after a day of riding. Warm showers, clean towels, washer dryer, soft beds, lots of food, computers with hi speed internet, fresh brewed coffee,... the list can go on. We feel so spoiled.

We are blogging from her house right now, and trying to draw out the morning as much as we can so we don't have to leave. Thank you for your generosity!
Thanks so much for having us Aunt Irene.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Rest our Butts in Crested Butte

Day ?: 54 Miles from Montrose, Co to a camp spot by the Blue Mesa Resevoir
We slept in that morning and got a late start which left us getting scorched climbing in the midday sun. Ceci ended up hitching and Karin was falling asleep at the wheel. We stopped at a gas station called Pleasant Valley, and there, I had the best pie I've had on this whole trip! Next to us were a group of oldies that were part of the horseless carraige club and had fancy old cars. When my pie came out the lady next to me said, "wow! we should get bikes, look how much that girl can eat!!" We stayed there until the clouds came over the sun and then continued on.

That day we lost Wesley because he was so far ahead of us and we hadn't decided where we were all going to stop. We were a little worried.

Eventually, we were reunited at a campsite right on the lake.

The sky and the light were beautiful.

It was a quiet evening.

And a quiet morning.

Day ?+1: 46 miles to Crested Butte, Colorado

we woke up early and headed out. Ceci was extra excited to see her brother, Rafa.

my word!

Rafa, and his gf, Molly, lived in a beautiful wooden house between all the mountains way up in the clouds. The scenery looked so fake, like you could pull a string and roll it back up. We were LOVING the high country. Rafa pulled out his bows and arrows and we did some shooting!


This is the view from the kitchen sink.

Day ?+2: Rafa took us all out on the river with his raft.

Rolling down the river....

If only there was a river straight to NYC!

Stew invited us over to his place. He lives in Gothic Valley in the National Forest in a hammock between all the lovely foliage.

That's his shower on the right.

We were supposed to shoot plates with shotguns that day, but it didn't work out, so we played a tough boy version of the tightrope instead. (WAY better)

Thanks SO much Molly & Rafa for an awesome couple of days of R&R.

Next stop: Monarch Pass!!! The tallest peak of the whole ride!!! OVer 11,000 feet!!!!!