Friday, September 5, 2008

Almost there! (just a hurricane between us now)

Day 81: 58 miles to Baltimore, MD (actually, Towson, MD)

Rode out of DC on the Rock Creek trail, which was gorgeous tree canopy lined trail, but after almost 40 miles we realized we were still in DC. Decided to re-route for the next four days to get to NY quickly. We climbed a lot of short STEEP hills that day, and also watched the sun set behind us. Then we went to visit our old friend, Carrie Collins, who has temporarily moved back to MD to do a nursing program at Johns Hopkins. Her parents, Janet and Sam, are sweet and funny respectively. In ten years that we've known Carrie, we can't believe we haven't met them sooner. Sam cooked us a delicious dinner, and, having heard a rumor that we are into pie, Janet baked us a cherry pie, which wins the gold medal for best pie on this trip!!! (Thanks so much, guys) *Sweet story: Carrie's parents met at the bus stop!

Carrie, we miss you already!
Day 82: 54 miles to Oxford, PA

At Carrie's we rerouted our path, and found ourselved spending the next night in Oxford. At breakfast, (which by the way included home made blueberry muffins from Janet..yum!) Sam said, "My brother lives in Oxford, let me call him up and see if you guys can stay there."
What are the odds!?!?

It was over a hundred degrees that day as we rode, and hardly any shade on our non bike friendly (but shorter) route. We stopped at the only place we could find shade, the liquor store, and Karin cooled off in the walk in refrigerator. Then we passed the Mason-Dixon line right before we entered, PENNSYLVANIA!
As per our directions, we were to look for the dog mailbox. We were at Max & Denise's.
Denise shows, trains, boards, and grooms Westies. She has six of them, and there were three more that were staying at the house, so nine in total.
One of them, CJ, had been BEST IN SHOW!!!!! Both pages of this are him:
Denise also makes handmade, fashionable leashes.
Hang in there!
At dinner, (which was wonderful) we learned that Denise had been an aerobics instructor in the 80's. Not only that, but they had one on video that Max had taped. Of course we watched it!
(I think I want to teach a dance aerobics class, who wants to sign up? -D)

Also at dinner we were talking about singing, and learned that Denise and Max were a duo. ( They sang a few songs for us which were so beautiful!!! Thanks so much guys, we can't wait for the CDs!

Day 83: 64 miles to Morrisville, PA

After a lovely breakfast with Denise on the patio, we headed out on a hot hot day. We pounded it out without too much stopping. The plan was to stay in Trenton, but when we were right at the State line, we stopped at a gas station, and Jayesh, (left) told us that we should just stay in the area we were in. Jayesh also donated to the WWF, and so did Lamont, (right). Thanks, guys!!

We are so close now, but hurricane Hannah is on her way to greet us. Don't worry, we will be at that finish line on Sunday, rain or shine!!! Can't wait to see everyone!! Check out the flyers that Daphne and Michael made (in earlier postings) and we hope to see you there!!!!!!

One nice thing about a hurricane a-comin' is how beautiful it makes the sky look.


Sunlight In The Rain said...

by now you guys are probs just getting home and sleeping from a long bike ride across the country!

i'm so proud! and i miss you guys!

i'll see karin soon! and i hope to see debbie too! come visit la! or i'll meet up with you in miami or nyc perhaps!

congrats again you two!


elaine said...

CONGRATS ladies! Congrats! i'm super duper proud to know that you made it! :)