Sunday, May 4, 2008

BUTT BUTTER!!!!!!!!!!

Dear Friends and Family,

Debbie arrived safely Thursday morning to Los Angeles. I'm so happy to see her. Since her arrival she's properly help transform our LA apartment into a bachelorette pad. Love it. Bitch, where were you the last nine months?

Anyway, today we set out to get our Bike Touring 101 lesson at REI. A lovely young man named Jaron gave us a thorough course on what to expect on our journey. We learned one of the unfortunate challenges cyclists face when touring is butt chafing and ass calluses. He highly recommended a cycling lubricant called Chamois Butt'r to us. Which, of course being the mature ladies we are, set us off into a crazed frenzy of dirty jokes and hysterical giggling. It was absolutely adorable because it made Jaron's face turn into the color of a beet.

Tonight over dinner we decided that we are going to ask Chamois Butt'r to help sponsor our trip. We've already come up with ideas on how to turn it into a multi-purpose product. Seriously, can you think of any other cyclists who can promote this product better than we can?

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