Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Spread the Word!!!!!

We need to get it together and do some major guerilla PR. We've been getting a steady support from our friends and family (which we are extremely grateful and thankful for), but it's time now to spread the message to the masses. What better way to get some publicity than a photo shoot? I know it's kind of cheese that we put on our gear and basically modeled in them today, but I promise we are not posers. We are real bikers! These are just some photos to get a little exposure in the media.

Getting in tuned with bikes, nature, and each other.

Thanks a lot Miss Photo Editor Attias, put in a bunch of dumb pictures of me, but where are the dumb pictures of you?

We're developing this new style of yoga called Bikga. It's about union of the mind, body, and bike. These are just our warm up moves for the beginners out there. Debbie and I can actually do some pretty crazy shit. Yesterday we mastered Sirsasana on our handlebars.

"It's my African Safari Reggaton look, " as Jeremy would say.

Padded shorts rock! My butt looks almost as yummy as Daphne's butt.
I'm going to wear these under my jeans from now on.
Deb's practicing her look for the finish line when we get to Coney Island.

Delirious from exhaustion - after a badass 80 mile bike day.

Ok, so today's homework is to go out and tell 5 new people about our trip, and send them to In the next couple of weeks, we will be putting up our 80's training montage video (thanks for the kickass idea Deebs). Stay tuned my friends.

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MICHAEL said...

YOUR TRIP LOOKS SO FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I want those bunniez!!!!!

I MISS U!!!!!