Monday, May 12, 2008

I love LA!

Dearest Friends,
Greetings from sunny Los Angeles! so far so good. Karin's place is lovely.  There's a private balcony that looks out into the tops of the trees so that you're at the same level as the birds while you're having breakfast. It's been perfect, but we still have so much to do for the bike trip! I need to completely re-route our map because I didn't realize that our current route was almost 6,000 miles.. (doh.) 
But on the happy foot: I GOT MY BICYCLE!!! His name is Speedy Gonzalez.. (named after my favorite Charo song). The bike stores were trying to tell us it was going to take three months to get our bikes special ordered, but then I found Speedy on ebay, coincidentally, from a guy who lives 20mins. away from Karin AND happens to be the same height as me AND it's hardly been used! YAY! 
(Thanks, Jack)

 Besides that, I've been getting to go to yoga and the fancy spa for free,
(thanks to Karin) which is all right next to the beach...just a little life of luxury... don't get too jealous, though.. we'll be roughing it soon enough!

On top of all this, I've been hanging out with a dreamboat who can DO THE MOVE! yes. even the dirty dancing one...
(Thanks, Rawn)

and 3 more great things:
My Aunt Nancy just moved to LA, Dawn's new baby, and Karin in the strawberry outfit.
and now, for your own viewing pleasure, some crazy pictures of Karin and me:

okay. that's it.  I miss everybody and send lots of love! Oh, and we still need tons of bicycle and camping gear, so if anyone has anything laying around that they are not using, let us know.

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Sunlight In The Rain said...

i'm so glad you're here in la! and glad to know that karin is a but a mere skip away!!!