Saturday, June 14, 2008

Pics from our show

ACK! we leave tomorrow!!! we are both in crazytown, but luckily, we are pretty ready and have everything we need.. Thanks so much to everyone who has been contributing and supporting!!

We all played a show last week at Mustache Mondays. 
Our band is called Rawn + Debbie (with a little heart around it) 
Karin was sunshine in the all star dance troop

this was backstage rehearsal before the show:

we had a song about sunshine, trees, & gigolos

the other number was a cover of "nothing's gonna change my love for you"
(Ronald, I'm gonna miss you!)


daphne said...

OMG TIL so cute. debs i see a partridge family in your future. can't wait to read about day 1! miss you ladies!!!

Deidra said...

OH MY GOD. This is the most disturbing set of pictures ever...and I LOVE IT!

I can't believe you found someone who's not Daphne that can match your outfits. Maybe there's hope for all of us.

Oh yeah, and good luck on your upcoming boat trip.