Thursday, June 19, 2008

Today's ride

Its 10am and we're getting ready for the toughest ride of the whole
trip... Climbing this crazy mountain in the desert. Yesterday we did
that little green peak at the bottom (to lakeside) and it was painful.

Today is Grant's birthday though so we're dedicating this climb to
him. LOVE U GRANT!! Happy Birthday!!!


Sunlight In The Rain said...


are you guys serious????????

happy birthday grant!

Maren said...

i'm so proud of you two!!!

keep on updating the blog, it brightens my cold winter days down here!!!

and feliz cumpleaƱos granty!!!

Mike and Melissa said...

Keep up the great work!! Heard about you from Daniel, the German cyclist.

My friend, Dan, and I just missed you in Jacumba. Dan just finished a ride from Florida to San Diego. I rode the last week with him from Phoenix. The desert heat was brutal, but you can do it. Just get up early and drink, drink, drink.

Be safe in the desert and keep on rollin. Also, catch Ryan and Pete who are a few days ahead of you heading to Boston (