Sunday, June 29, 2008

Por los Animales!

Last we left you we were sitting in the public library in a town called Yarnell.
Patty, the librarian, was giving us the scoop on the town.
The library was closing as we were trying to finish our last post. As we were taking a photo of Patty, in walked June and Joel returning books at the last minute. Patty told them about our trip, and, as we took this photo, they asked us if we'd like to stay at their guest house.
We had been planning to stay at a crappy RV park, and now we had a whole house!! How lucky are we? Guardian Angels!

Not only did they invite us to stay at their lovely home, June and Joel also invited us to lunch at KoKopelli. Melinda made us delicious meatball sandwiches. We're coming back for that razzleberry pie!

We spent the rest of the afternoon getting to know Joel & June, two wonderful people living life to the fullest. The house we stayed in was across the street from theirs. We slept like babies that night.

Day 15: We woke up at 4am.

June and Joel were so nice, they made us fresh baked bread for breakfast.

Good Morning, God.

That morning we rode through the picturesque Peeples Valley.

we love animals!

Nice ass!

We climbed all those mountains that you see in this photo up to Prescott

Por los animales!!

We met some other cyclists along the way. Adam and Lori rode with us through the switchbacks. They made the ride a lot more pleasant.

After a 6 hour morning ride, we made it to Prescott before noon


shodina said...

What a fantastic weekend! You two are truly wild. I can't wait to check out the next post. xoxo, A

Deidra said...

Reason # 17658 why libraries and librarians friggin' rock harder than anything in the land!

Jessica said... girls are truly AMAZING!!!!!!! I am so happy everything is going good, and you are safe and very TAN!! The photos r so beautiful, just like you 2!! We love you lots xoxo J & T :-)

Sunlight In The Rain said...

that picture of karin with the prescott mountains behind her IS AWESOME!

Sunlight In The Rain said...

happy fourth of july girls!

i just wanted to drop you guys a note if you guys are checking your comments!

i'll have some delicious bbq for the both of yous!

sunshinematchleaf said...

I love the picture taken at Prescott of Karin. I can feel that relax, fresh air, enjoy a free and leisurely life in front of the beautiful mountain. I love you.

ABA said...

Happy fourth of july.relax and hav a lot of fun in gran canyon.
it is nice that you making a lot of freind along the way and all are good people g-d bless america
Love you ABA