Monday, July 21, 2008

To hell you ride, Stoner (coloRADo!)

We have crossed the border into COLORADO! Utah is great, but we've got our share of canyons and red rocks, and are ready for some cool shady trees and rivers! We stopped to try to set the self timer next to the sign, when someone at the bar across the street hollered, "I'll tell you what!" No, I'll tell YOU what, come here and take a picture of us. I really like this jaunty angle.
This was our first welcome sign, (what is the rebublic? a drink? also can someone please explain how John McCain "will bring snow and rain?")

We have now joined forces with another biking team, Ceci and Wesley, who are awesome. We all slept in a public park in Dove Creek that night.
On our way to Dolores, the lake looked too delicious not to stop and jump in.

Nice tan lines, Ceci

That night we slept in Stoner, Colorado. It was freezing at the campground, so we made dinner in one of the empty cabins. We had planned on there being a grocery store or restaurant there, but those Stoners can't get it together and there was nothing. Luckily, we had three packs of Ramen which we made into a delicious dinner.
Stoner morning
I love Colorado! The temperature is so nice here.

The landscape is so pretty, we've been singing all the songs from Sound of Music as we bike through.

Do-Mi-Mi, Mi-So-So, Rey-Fa-Fa, La-Ti-Ti all the way up the mountain

This is the highest we've climbed so far. Now that we're traveling with others there's no copout hitchiking. We went up over 10,000 feet!!!!

Camoflauge Karin

That day we rolled into Telluride, Colorado. At first it seemed kind of creepy. All of the houses were picture perfect doll houses and when we rolled in, a sheet of grey clouds was coming over the city. It was also super quiet and all we could hear was the sound of sprinklers.

We went to the town park, whose campgrounds were full, but luckily the lovely Rosie, a fellow biker, offered to share her site with us. She even had a cuban coffee maker in the morning. Rosie, you're the best!

Bridal Veil waterfall.

We stopped at a bike shop to fix our bikes. While we were there the desk girl said to us, "It's my obligation to tell you that this weekend is the 'nothing festival' because it's the only weekend in the summer where there is no festival. So there's a NAKED BIKERIDE through town tonight, meet us at the bar at 8 "

We picnicked by the river in this sha-la-la-la prettytown
Karin rides everything she sees

We took the gondola over the mountain to get ice cream

Karin and Wesley waited in a very long line of small children to get to ride the bungee bounce. It was totally worth it.

Dang, Wesley, we didn't know you were so flexible!

Gondola in the rain

pretty little town

Evening rolled around and we went to the bar, ready to rack up some naked mileage for our trip.

It was chilly and rainy that evening, so we needed a little courage juice.

All the local bikers were sauced up and screaming "who wants to go on a bike ride" all up and down the main street.

We all met up at Roby's house to start the ride

Sorry Dads, but you know you would have done it too.

The entire town was outside, lined up and down the main street, to see the parade of about 30 naked bikers.

free as the wind

Can we please do the rest of this trip with no clothes on?
After the ride, we stayed hanging out at Roby's house.
Travis, who fixed our bikes, and Roby, who fell during the nudie ride. ouch.

Guitar Hero after party.
Ceci, we have to teach you about S&S!
things got a little messy

The next day we rode mostly downhill to Montrose. These are our favorite kinds of street signs. They spell F-U-N.


redrockgirls said...

. . . .just trying sene to post. Check . . . . . check . . check.


mike said...

shades of Queen's Fat Bottom Girls video, minus the fat bottoms.

Sunlight In The Rain said...

that naked group shot is totally getting framed and hanging on my wall!!!! next to the bunnies!

mr.blair said...

Finally all caught up on the whole blog... sounds like truly amazing, crazy times. Makes me want to get out and do a lot of longer rides :)

I love both you guys so much.

Be careful and keep loving the long road.


Anh said...

you girls look great! and you're having so much fun

Sarah said...

im soooo glad you guys are having sooo much fun! the nude bike race sounds like very liberating. :)
i miss you alot debs and cant wait for you too come home, i can't believe its already been longer then a month?!

Deidra said...

Karin, why didn't you just push those damn little kids out of the way? You are an adult and you deserve to ride the bungee bounce FIRST!

Seriously though, I am incredibly ashamed of both of you for your horrendous display of nudity! I think both of you are old enough to hear this: men do not like ladies that are "forward." They do not. You must try harder to remain pure.

So keep those legs crossed and those crotches covered from now on, you hooches! (And remind me never to borrow either one of your bikes).