Thursday, July 24, 2008

Rest our Butts in Crested Butte

Day ?: 54 Miles from Montrose, Co to a camp spot by the Blue Mesa Resevoir
We slept in that morning and got a late start which left us getting scorched climbing in the midday sun. Ceci ended up hitching and Karin was falling asleep at the wheel. We stopped at a gas station called Pleasant Valley, and there, I had the best pie I've had on this whole trip! Next to us were a group of oldies that were part of the horseless carraige club and had fancy old cars. When my pie came out the lady next to me said, "wow! we should get bikes, look how much that girl can eat!!" We stayed there until the clouds came over the sun and then continued on.

That day we lost Wesley because he was so far ahead of us and we hadn't decided where we were all going to stop. We were a little worried.

Eventually, we were reunited at a campsite right on the lake.

The sky and the light were beautiful.

It was a quiet evening.

And a quiet morning.

Day ?+1: 46 miles to Crested Butte, Colorado

we woke up early and headed out. Ceci was extra excited to see her brother, Rafa.

my word!

Rafa, and his gf, Molly, lived in a beautiful wooden house between all the mountains way up in the clouds. The scenery looked so fake, like you could pull a string and roll it back up. We were LOVING the high country. Rafa pulled out his bows and arrows and we did some shooting!


This is the view from the kitchen sink.

Day ?+2: Rafa took us all out on the river with his raft.

Rolling down the river....

If only there was a river straight to NYC!

Stew invited us over to his place. He lives in Gothic Valley in the National Forest in a hammock between all the lovely foliage.

That's his shower on the right.

We were supposed to shoot plates with shotguns that day, but it didn't work out, so we played a tough boy version of the tightrope instead. (WAY better)

Thanks SO much Molly & Rafa for an awesome couple of days of R&R.

Next stop: Monarch Pass!!! The tallest peak of the whole ride!!! OVer 11,000 feet!!!!!


Maren said...

i've told nick that i'm not going camping again unless i get one of those showers!

elaine said...

Those are some pretty sites ladies~ bless you darlin's! Good luck on the hike to come 11k ft up that's insane in the membrane. :) *hugs and wishes for good weather all through~

Deidra said...

See you in hell, dinner plate!

Can I please tell you that your rafting experience has been the most frightening you've related so far?! There are FISH in that river!!!

But seriously, enough with the gorgeous scenery. It's making cubicle-dwelling monkeys like me vomit with jealousy. Who's cleaning that up?

Sunlight In The Rain said...

such pretty photosososososos!!!!

i'm so jealous! and the awesome cool people you're meeting along the way!