Saturday, July 12, 2008

I'm gonna be Iron like a Lion in ZION

Day 24: We left Kanab midday, and headed out to Zion Park.
You'd think the hill climbing would get easier three weeks into the trip, but the climbs have gotten steeper and the air thinner in the high altitudes. We can't complain, because the the downhill rides are more fun than any rollercoaster you've ever been on. It's the most liberating feeling. Sometimes I get super emotional coming down these hills, just blissing out with the wind blowing in my hair.

The beautiful Mount Carmel.

Buffalo soldier....

Cyclists are not allowed in the tunnels entering Zion National Park. We arrived at the entrance as the park was closing. This nice ranger told us we had 30 minutes to hitch a ride with a car to get into the park. After a day of hill climbing there was no way we were going to turn back. We were definitely set on getting into the park that evening.

We are so lucky! Because in under 5 minutes we grabbed a ride with a some new friends. Debs and I took apart our bikes, stringed all the bungie cords together, and somehow shoved all our crap into this tiny trunk. I felt so professional and cool. Two months ago, I had never even taken a wheel off a bike. Thanks for getting us into the park guys! (hee hee, we didn't even have to pay)

Lots of wildlife up close and personal at Zion Park.

We safely arrived into the campgrounds in Springdale before dark. That night we met Dan and Jeff who shared our tent site with us. They turned out to be a couple of really fun guys.

Day 25:
Sunrise in Zion from our campgrounds.

Jeff and Dan are also from Southern California. They met as little kids in church and seemed to be a funny reflection / boy-version of me and Debs. They were on a roadtrip going through Zion, Bryce, and Lake Powell. We spent the day chilling out in Zion with our new camping friends. We listen to Bob Marley, played the guitar and bongos, drank beers, swam in the river, did some yoga, had a picnic in the canyon, made a bonfire, and watched the stars.

Free Yoga class at campsite J-13!

Jeff and Dan were heading out to Lake Powell after Zion. They brought their own jet skis which Dan painted himself. We tried to convince them to let us take it on the river in Zion. But it didn't happen.

Relaxing on the lazy river.

Mormons named Zion Park and most of the rocks.
These are the "three patriarchs" (daddy rocks)

Day 26: We all left Zion together the next morning. Dan and Jeff headed out to Lake Powell. We headed out to Bryce.

We traded our bikes for jet ski rides.

Boys Gone Wildlife!!!!!

watch us in action:

We had so much fun hanging out with you guys! Hope you guys enjoy the rest of your trip. Stay in touch and we can go diving together when we get back to LA. XXOO

We saw this incredible house in the foothills. Giving us ideas for our dream house.

We rode through Red Canyon before we got to Bryce Canyon. The climb was intense, but the scenery was beautiful. I was going through a very cranky time of the month, and I think my grouchiness may have added to the difficulty of the climb. For that I publicly apologize to Debs. "Sorry for being a moody asshole, it should only last a few more days." -K

We made it to Bryce Canyon from Zion Park in one day!!!! It certainly was not easy. I can't even believe how high we climbed. Dang, I'm so proud of us!

PS - Debs, what the hell happened to your hair in this photo?

We stayed at Ruby's Inn campgrounds right outside of Bryce Canyon National Park. This was by far the nicest campgrounds we have been to. Our showers weren't timed, they had an indoor & outdoor pool, free internet, and the best thing in the whole world right now- a JACUZZI!!!!!!! We soaked our tired bodies in the hot tub that night and it was divine.

Day 27: Ruby's Inn was so nice we decided to stay another day. We spent the day lounging by the pool, and in the evening we hitched a ride up to the park with a nice French couple. As the sun was setting we did a short hike around the rim.

Rested and in better spirits!

Beautiful rock formations.

Log bench.
Crotch rock

America is beautiful!


Anonymous said...

hey deebo!!! your blog is awesome and I'm so excited for you guys. Seeing your pictures really takes me back to when hubby and I were backcountry roughing it in Zion for a few days and then went to Bryce. You pictures and detailed narrative are great!! (your mom must be freaking out!) And don't forget to make REI reimburse you for your tire! :)


Jessica said...

Ok, Crotch Rock is awesome, and I love the video. Tee and I thought that was pretty funny. Love you girls. xoxoxo

re-run-doo-run said...

Hey ladies....i -L O V E- reading this blog :) I frequently find myself more and more saying "fuck this noise: I'm going for a bike ride"
-Megan Senior
and i gots ta get my blog up and running...thanks for the inspiration; comin' at me from all sides. good luck!
p.s. debbie i just ordered some bass sandals, they should give you some money...

Deidra said...

Um, do you guys realize that you found.....XANADU IN THE DESERT!?

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