Thursday, August 14, 2008

2500 miles!

Day 58: 22 miles Linn Creek to Eldon, MO

Today we got invited by Scott Hug's sister Amy Pike and her family to stay with them at their beautiful home.

This is the driveway leading up to the Pike house. It must be the longest driveway I've ever seen. After living in NYC for nearly a decade, seeing people have this much space to live in is just unbelievable!

The Pikes and their 4 vivacious daughters.
Carissa the eldest daughter with mom and dad.

Abbey, the baby girl.

Day 59: 51 miles Eldon to Tebetts, MO

The day began with a big pancake breakfast made by Wesley.
We decided to spend the first half of the day hanging out with Amy and the girls.

Mackenzie and Wesley aka Tutti & Frutti

Amanda, the photographer and cyclist.
Wanna join us on our trip?

The girls all ride in the rodeo, barrel race, and rope goats.
Here's one of their baby goats. Really cute, but they poop A LOT!

Mackenzie and Amanda let us ride their horses, Silky and Sunny D.

Debbie galloped on both horses, but hasn't been able to walk right in three days.

We had about 50 miles ahead of us that day, so we said our goodbyes around noon.
The Pike girls and friend, Mattie posing with us for goodbye photo.

How many miles will this driveway add to our ride today?

Thanks so much to the Pike family for having us over! We had lots of fun getting to know you!

That afternoon we passed through Jefferson City, the capital of Missouri.

Fireball in the sky.

We got on the Katy Trail (no cars!) around sunset, then spent the next hour riding through the darkness. The only thing we could see was five feet in front of us. The rainforest-like foliage and the chirping critters around us added to the eeriness. It was the most adventurous night ride we've done so far on this trip.

We stayed at a biker hostel off the Katy Trail that night. The place was really cute, nice bike shop, great showers, but the bunks were horrible.

Day 60: 70 miles, Tebetts to Washington, MO

Katy Trail hostel by day.

The shaded bike path on the Katy Trail was a nice leisurely ride. But beware of the spider webs! They are like booby traps along the trail. We looked like cocooned mummies after 10 miles on the trail.

Did a child draw this sign?

The sun looked like it was burning a hole in the sky as it dipped into the horizon.
We sure don't get blazing sunsets like these in the city.

We stopped at a little diner off the trail and had the best blackberry pie. This place was so great they let you specify the size of the slice you want. We ate almost the entire pie in three slices.
I thought about my grandma as I ate my pie because today is her birthday. Happy Birthday Grannie, I ate a pie in your honor today!

We are heading into the city of Washington to stay with our friend, Sara Tyler's family.
Can't wait to see if our new mommy and daddy are going to be nice to us.

Lots of love to all our readers!!!
We've made it 2500 miles across America!


mr.blair said...

Congrats guys - you are so awesome! love you

elaine said...

Congrats on your 2500 miles! makes mama so proud, that's gangsta! i think you should take pics of the types of pie slices you guys nom nom nom on! :)
Last night I went over to your family's annual grandma chao and Garrett's bday bbq! lots of folks read up on your blog and send their love. <3
Debs, feel better from the galloping, surely that can't be comfortable.

Deidra said...

Jesus, you should have added a "Pie Meter" to your site, computing how many pounds of pie you guys have devoured.

(And Sunny D has to be the best horse name EVER.)