Monday, August 18, 2008

Two states that start with an "I"

Day 61:
0 miles. Rest day at the Tyler house in Washington, MO

Today Wesley left the group to ride ahead of us so that he can make it back in time for school.
BYE WESLEY!!! We are going to miss you!

Meet the Tyler's (in the 80's)
Larry, Diana, Katie, Sarah, & Ian

Diana and Larry, two people who know how to enjoy life.

Ian & Max

That night we got to meet Ceci's Vovo who stopped by for a visit.

Day 62: 60 miles, Washington, MO to St. Louis, MO

We rode on the Katy Trail to St. Charles, before risking our lives on an insane freeway, JUST to get into St. Louis for a night on the town. We managed to score a shuttle from the hotel to the Metrolink, which took us right downtown.

Day 63: 46 miles, St. Louis, MO to Carlyle, ILLINOIS

It was a lovely ride out to the arch on a quiet, tree-lined part of the city, and we met up with Larry and Diana for lunch on a riverboat.

Then we crossed into another state: ILLINOIS!!! We biked right over the Mississippi river... we're so close now....

We camped at the McNair campground which was right on the biggest lake in Illinois. The campground was run by the US Army Corps of Engineers. (that means = cute rangers). Actually, the rangers busted us for wildcat camping on a piece of land that was NOT an official campsite... but WE are EVEN cuter than them, and they had to let it slide. Not only did they let us stay, they even drove us into town for dinner.

Day 64: 92 miles!!! Carlyle, IL to Lawrenceville, IL

Our first stop of the day was in Flora, where sitting in a park we met the owner of the local DQ who gave us coupons for free ice cream! (Thanks!)

Also, check out some places that we've been mentioned!

Scott's K48 Bullet:

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(And if you go two posts back, there's an article about a party my sister's were part of... Conga line in the pool and everything!

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elaine said...

i especially enjoy the pic of the old couple with their backs towards us, and the dude has one leg up on his boot. :)