Friday, August 1, 2008


Day 46: 58 Miles. Pueblo, Co to Ordway, Co
We are now in East Colorado. No more shady trees, rivers, or mountains, just the hot sun and the plainy plain plains, with Prairie dogs yipping and running about. It is flat and we've been cranking up our mileage. We stopped in Boone and met Bill at the only store there. He warned us of the town pervert who tries to con cyclists.
The ride was hotter than a pepper sprout. The high was about 110 and there was not a cloud in the sky. When we got to Ordway we were overjoyed to find a sprayground! We stripped off all our spandex and ran around like maniacs, making us the town spectacle for a few hours.

The following six pictures were taken by Wesley:


nice brown kneehighs!

That night we slept in the park, which was nice.... except for the loud teenagers, barking dogs, and the overwhelming waft of poo that would blow through our tents every 20 minutes.
Day 47: 65 miles. Ordway to Eads, Colorado
Today was a rough one. We had headwinds pushing against us almost the whole way and were moving at about 5mph, which is slower than uphill!
Not a cloud for miles.

We stopped in Haswell, population: 50

We spent a few hours in the propane store, the only store in town, to cool off. The owner let us sit on the couch and watch Cheech and Chong.

We were pretty much zonked out and then the owner's kids came in the store. Woke us right up.

We set back out around 4:30 to keep going, and the headwinds were still going strong. Karin and Wes were already there and Ceci and I were lagging behind. About 2 miles out of town, Ceci found a tiny kitty. There was nothing around for miles so I wrapped him in a towel and put him in my handlebar bag and rode him into town. As soon as we reached Eads, the kitty jumped out of my bag and went running towards a group of kids that were selling rocks in front of there house. An 8 year old boy screamed "a kitty!" and snatched him up and ran off. Problem solved.

We ate so well that night. AND I found the best pie ever!!

Day 48: 83 miles. Eads, Colorado to Leoti, KANSAS!!!
Another HOT one! Ceci is righting ahead of us now, so it was just the three of us. We paid $2 to swim in the town pool with all the kids. Those slides were so fun.

Then, we went to the county fair, where there was FREE DINNER!
Yum. There were delicious BBQ beef sandwiches, which was a little weird because we were eating them in front of all of the prized cows. (sorry cows)
Then there was an auction for all the prized baked goods.

Guess how much her sugar cookies sold for?

Also, there was a fashion show. There was one proud American boy who reminded me of a baby Jeremy Parker.
We rode 22 more miles through the sunset to Leoti. When we set up our tents in the park, both Karin's and mine started rolling away! (and my tent is HUGE) we were chasing after them. It was ridiculous, wish I had a pic of it.
Day 49: 81 Miles Leoti, KS to Basine, KS
Power morning of getting as much mileage covered before the sun got too hot. Stopped in Dighton & took naps in the laundromat.

Thank You to our new sponsors!!!!
Tony Basgall from Fur-Fin & Feathers
Joe & Cindy Valdez
We slept that night at Daniel & Elaine's Bicycle Oasis.
Catarina the Ballerina

A picture of old school Danielaine
Danielaine now.

Day 50: 56 miles Basine to Great Bend, KS
We arrived into Great Bend pretty early.. I tried to blog, but the computer at the hotel we snuck into blocked our blog! So we decided to spend the day swimming in their pool & jacuzzi. It was so hot outside! (it was either that or Wal Mart)
Sunrise in Great Bend
I have been appointed on skywatch to watch for storms, since you can see them 100 miles away. We had a pamphlet warning us about crazy storms that occur here like a mammatus which looks crazy scary! It's been a pretty easy job since there have been hardly any clouds, but then today, we had our first Kansas clouds!! Thank You clouds for cooling down the day for a few minutes!

Now we are at Hutchison, aka "Hutchie" at the library. My right knee is killing me! Does anyone know Reiki you can do over the phone?
Tommorrow we will be in Wichita!
miss you all! xoxox


joshbousel said...

That kid's American flag outfit has to be mine!

Hope you saved some BBQ for me too ;)

Deidra said...

Can't believe you're already in Kansas.

I agree with Josh; that American flag outfit is off the hook!

I hope that little boy actually takes care of that kitten. Otherwise I will have to hunt him down and beat his ass (nice work on your part picking the little guy up! I wonder how he got out there?)

Also, the little girl with the sugar cookies? I had to go watch torture porn for like five hours to balance the absolute sweetness of her look!!!!!

elaine said...

THose Sprinkler pics look like sooo much Fun!! :) i want to do that! i agree, nice knee high tan~
and that American Boy outfit goes well with the song by Estelle. wafting scent of poo doesnt sound too appealing.. but watching cheech and chong in a propane store couch-- priceless.
I somehow got a freakin cold in the midst of summer. how wack is that? and i'm off to TX this friday! lookin fwd to that 105degree weather. NOT!
Glad to see that you guys have buddies on the trip with ya! the sunflower pic made me happy~ :)

elaine said...
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Shepherd said...

Just wanna say as you pass through your closest point to good old Tulsa that I'm thinking of you! <3<3<3

Let's make more songs together.