Friday, August 22, 2008


Day 65: 69 miles to Bloomington, INDIANA!

Today we crossed into another state! We stopped for lunch at Vincennes where we decided to part ways for a few days. Ceci and I headed north to Bloomington, while Karin headed south to Louisville. Don't worry friends, it's only for a few days and we will reunite on Saturday in North Vernon.

Sunset over the corn fields

We really wanted to make it all the way to Bloomington, where Andy D and Victoria were waiting, so we decided to keep biking even after it got dark. The red full moon lit the night for us and a blanket of fog strangely only covered the crops on the left of us.

Day 66-69: 0 miles, resting in Bloomington

Andy D & Victoria just moved into a sweet house with a gorgeous garden that has roses, vegetables, surprise lillies, and sunflowers taller than me!

Victoria let us raid her closet. It feels so nice to wear a dress!

Karen, Andy's mom, took us all out for lunch (Thanks!)
(She's a therapist who is working on a book about female sex offenders)

The pool is only a few blocks away.

The next day we had a picnic at the winery.


We took a stroll through the University and went to see an exhibit at the Special Collections Library where Victoria is getting her library science degree.

Victoria was painting these seagreen stripes in perfect lines without even putting tape on the walls.

port on the patio

Andy & Victoria have been cooking us delicious meals! Pasta sauce made with tomatoes from their garden, shepherd's pie, and homemade cobbler to name some highlights. We also got to eat Indian AND Tibetan food!

We hit the Bloomington night scene a few times to get our dance on.
I miss dancing!! my legs almost forgot how... (almost)

As of midnight, it was Ceci's birthday!!


it's been awesome living like real people for a few days!!!

For her B-day, Victoria surprised Ceci with a beautiful AND delicious banana chocolate cake.

In case anyone wants to read about our adventures from another P.O.V. you can check out Ceci's blog:

Back to the wildlife we go!! We just mapped out the way to D.C. and I can't even believe how close we are now!!!!! Miss everyone! XOXOXOX


james stacher said...

Almost back! Once you get across OH you are gonna face the toughest part - crossing the adirondacks/appalachian trail mountains. lots of climbing and decending all day. however, you'll be in better shape than i was, since i hit those first without alot of time on the road. have fun!

and when and where are we doing your welcome back party?

Sunlight In The Rain said...


almost there!

here's to eating delicious pie in every city you stop in! well, you mention pie in almost every posting!

elaine said...

OMG! you gals are sooo CLOSE!! i'm mad proud of you! :) 3x cheers! NYC awaits your arrival~

Deidra said...

The coolest part about Andy is his mom. It's a fact!

Oh, I kid. His mom does in fact rock though. I am supremely jealous of your awesome time out there (but hey, I got to go to a State Fair AND see a demo derby when I visited, so everyone's happy).